“ Ignore o passado imperfeito,
Ignore o presente cheio de defeitos,
Pense, crie um amanhã do seu jeito.
“ You tease me, the most secret desires, makes my mind fly and travel the paths of pleasure and ecstasy …
I wish you a whole … with all the strength and love, with trembling in body and voice and with an almost insatiable desire to feel you next to me, you have the power to shake me and make me almost irresponsibly and leave everything side and stay with you …
You excite me and I like, I like what I see and go crazy just thinking, what is hidden.
I want you …
Truly Love!

“Amar, not to say people can not live without her, or not to think about anything. Love is the art of acting without the others realize, small actions, that can mean a lot. After all this done, it’s time to reveal its dark side is awakened, where our body speaks louder then a great communion happens …. The passion that gaze turns carnal, where their sweat trickle down to all parties body, all to prove all our emotions. Reaching the apex of love, the surrender, the orgasm and / or ejaculation!´´

                                                                                             - K.M.P.O. -